VR & Experiential

We believe that great stories can surround you, involve you, and challenge you to think differently.

We have been active in the VR and experiential space for a decade, working on an extensive range of projects. Along the way we have developed a deep understanding of the mechanics of storytelling and interaction, as well as creative and technical production processes needed to deliver the most high quality work within this fast-evolving medium.

A screenshot from There Exists showing large green trees in a particle-like style generated in Unreal Engine using Niagara


There Exists is a VR experience that tells the true story of Mary Randall, an 18th century British woman. Using archive data this story recreates the hidden history of Mary's life and journey, which until now existed in scattered form, but remained untold. Created from British Library archives and data, and funded by the BFI and Story Futures.

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A group of people watching one of the scenes in Being Waves on a large screen


Being Waves is an album-long Arts Council funded shared virtual reality experience that challenges our ideas about reality and perception, giving life to a mesmerising audio-responsive narrative journey, set to run the entire duration of the latest release by Kinkajous, a London based band, led by drummer and producer Benoît Parmentier and saxophonist/clarinetist Adrien Cau, exploring the space between jazz, electronic and orchestral music. The goal is to generate an innovative, engaging and collective musical experience for audiences to share.

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A screenshot from within Unreal Engine of one of the small housing units in the icy tunnels of Camp Century


Camp Century is a realtime film that tells the true story of ‘the city under the ice’. Combining reconstrunctioned environments made in UE5 with Virtual Production techniques and traditional documentary interviews, this is a complex story about scientific experiments, living in extreme climates, geopolitical Cold War tension, and climate change research.

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An underwater shot of the ocean's surface with sunlight filtering through and a manta ray floating past


The Museum of Imagined Futures is an experience about hope. Step into The Museum where you can discover how humans have speculated on the future in the past, we well as get a glimpse of how humans and technology might live in balance with nature in the future. Funded by Story Futures and directed by Shehani Fernando.

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A cinematic screenshot from Storm, of tall grasses sticking out of a frozen-over lake


Storm was a very early survival game custom made for VR. Your challenge was to survive a snowstorm in freezing temperatures, by solving a set of puzzles and find your way into a locked hut with heating, before freezing to death.

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A purple and black stylized illustrated image made in Tilt Brush, of a father holding his son on a beach in Syria


A Tilt Brush experience, written by author Khaled Hosseini, about the war in Syria, and the dangerous mediterranean crossing many families make. Art by Liz Edwards, made by the Guardian VR team in collaboration with UNHCR.

Awards and nominations: CICLOPE Film Festival Finalist for VR 2017, Halo Award - Bronze 2017, Official Selection Dok Leipzig 2017, Social Impact Media Awards - Best VR Experience & Immersive Impact Jury Prize Winner 2018, The Immersive Animation Award Nominee - VR Expo 2018, The Immersive Graphics Award Nominee - VR Expo 2018, The Immersive Story-Telling Award Winner - VR Expo 2018, Webby’s Nomination for Best Narrative Experience 2018.

The silhouette of a woman standing in front a wall with a large image projected onto it from the Symphony of Noise project


Every sound is potential music, but sample artist Matthew Herbert extends the musical spectrum further than usual. He builds compositions using sounds you wouldn’t think existed, or even think possible. Herbert’s everyday sound sources are the inspiration for A Symphony of Noise VR. This interactive virtual reality experience was funded by Creative XR, and the Berlin Medienboard.

Award of Excellence in Sound Design, Festival of International Virtual & Augmented Reality Stories, Toronto (2020), First Prize – International Composition Competition for Short Film “SiRAR” of the Aubagne International Film Festival, France (2011), Third Prize – G.E.R.M.I. Award International Composition Competition, Rome, Italy (2009), Second Prize – InNova Musica International Competition, Andorra (2009), Third Prize – International Competition of the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano (2009), First Prize – Contemporary Music Workshops (Athens Concert Hall) (2008) First Prize – Greek Festival of Chamber Music (2005).

A screenshot from Sketchfab of a 3d scene showing a couple holding hands as they walk over a cobble-stone covered square with a large tree, in Barcelona


Barcelona is the official music video for the new single by musician Alex Kozobolis. Using an unusual format, we created a beautiful, calming 3d environment you can explore, instead of watching a linear video. The experience lives on Sketchfab.

A screenshot of a hyperrealistic avatar modelled from a real person living in Los Angeles, running in Unreal Engine


Because Of You was created as part of an anti bullying campaign, and encouraged young teenagers in Los Angeles to reflect on their experiences of beint bullied, by discussing their experiences using a realistic and lifelike metahuman character that represented their older self. Made with Unit9.

A screenshot from a Unity-made game showing a crime scene inside a dark scary apartment


Crime Scene is a roughly 10 minute interactive VR game made as part of the Guardian VR team, and used extensive interviews with the London Metropolitan Police to create an impression of the reality of crime scene investigations. How do foresic scientists work, what do they consider when working on a crime scene, and what pressures do they face? You take on the role of a foresic scientist on their first day.