An AR art platform for the Mekudeshet Festival

A platform for AR artworks

In collaboration with Roll Studio, we created Sonaris, an iOS app designed as the foundation for a series of augmented reality artworks showcased at the Mekudeshet festival.

Screenshots from the Sonaris app, showing a light and dark version

Featuring light and dark modes synchronized with Jerusalem's day-night cycle, Sonaris offered users an immersive interactive journey where they become creators themselves.

Screenshots from the Sonaris app showing both arabic and hebrew language options.

Anchored by musician Kutiman's "Roaming", Sonaris guided users on a sensory journey along Jerusalem's Sherover Promenade. Tailored interactive musical experiences allowed users to follow predefined routes or create their own paths, all while engaging with Kutiman's compositions.

Screenshots from the Sonaris app showing light beams visible in AR.

Using AR light beams for navigation, users explore distinct zones with unique soundtracks, immersing themselves in captivating music. While the augmented reality layer enriched the experience, participants had the option to engage with the city's ambient soundscape without their phones.

Screenshots of the Sonaris app, showing a diamond-shaped reflective 'guide' which helps visitors navigate the festival.

Designed for all ages, Sonaris invites visitors to explore the fusion of art, location, and digital innovation within Jerusalem's urban landscape.