Realtime Interactive Art

Music transcends boundaries and technology merges with art

Being Waves is an immersive music experience which turns London-based band Kinkajous’ album into an environment you can explore, bringing people together both in the physical world and the virtual space.

A dynamic GIF showing individuals standing before a projection-mapped wall displaying a mesmerizing array of particles.

Being Waves places audiences in constant dialogue between sound and space while giving life to the music in a mesmerising audio-responsive environment. It is a physical installation that people can visit in small groups, but also available remotely for those with VR headsets.Our adaptable and audio responsive visual environments turns Being Waves the album into a stunning, slowly evolving experience.

Three individuals wearing headphones stand within an immersive projection-mapped environment.

Being Waves is made possible by the generous support of Arts Council England and National Lottery, whose commitment to fostering artistic innovation has allowed this ambitious project to explore new ways in which music can bring people together, both in the physical world and the virtual space.

"I was immediately drawn in by the contours of the landscape and the movement of the visuals, which had a very clear connection to the music... it was interesting to feel how my attention was being simultaneously divided and heightened by the connection."

-- Being Waves test event participant

Adrien Cau faces the camera, while Benoît Parmentier gazes in a different direction beside him.

Kinkajous is a London based band, led by drummer/producer Benoît Parmentier and saxophonist/ clarinetist Adrien Cau, exploring the space between jazz, electronic and orchestral music. Kinkajous have earned a reputation for conjuring up a powerful and cinematic sound, being described by CLASH as “a key part of the British music landscape”.