A series of AR experiences for the Snap Original

A futuristic drama set in a not so distant future that is defined by the impact of climate change.

The story of Breakwater takes place in The Breakwater, a dangerous coastal slum just outside of the Los Angeles Seawall. In 2041, climate change has made the tidelands outside of LA nearly unlivable. But everyday people dream of winning the lottery to the safe side of the wall.

Augmented reality experience for Breakwater series

We created one augmented reality experience for each episode, with the intention of extending the world of Breakwater. Using narrative touchpoints, they allow viewers to explore the themes of this story and immerse themselves into this world.

360° immersive environment of the Glitch from Breakwater

The first episode featured a 5G immersive lens, with a 360° environment representing the Glitch, built from photogrammetry scans made on the set of the series. This was made in collaboration with Verizon. We also recreated the 'halo', a holographic VFX element from the show.

Detailed holographic visualization of VFX element 'halo'

AR visualization related to Breakwater series

Additional augmented reality scene from Breakwater

As the water rises, time runs out for Mai and Jax

They barely escape the Cartel alive but have to find a way to rescue Kara. The three are now on the run, but won’t get far... the Cartel has placed a massive bounty on their capture.