A VR experience about an alternative future

Step into The Museum of Imagined Futures, a place where past predictions and future visions are stored.

The future of our planet is in crisis and it can be hard to imagine our way toward a better world. Accompanied by Lumi, an AI museum guide, explore how humans used to imagine our present, before time travelling to the future yourself.

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Teleport between virtual worlds, discover archive ‘bubbles’ from the past and explore what a holistic vision for our oceans, forests and cities could look like in fifty years’ time. Your whistlestop journey will take you to stunning kelp forests, mycelium networks, tree canopies and visions of green cities.

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Made in collaboration with Indigo Storm, commissioned and funded by StoryFutures and AHRC as part of the Creative Industries Clusters Programme, The Museum of Imagined Futures, was created in partnership with the BFI and BBC, and in collaboration with Unboxed.

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We build the Museum of Imagined Futures in Unreal Engine, creating each environment from scratch with a talented, dedicated team.

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The Museum of Imagined Futures toured to 15 libraries across the UK and the BFI Imax in Summer 2022 as part of StoryTrails. In 2023-2024 it toured with The StoryFutures Xperience bringing immersive experiences to UK cinemas and arts venues with a ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) programme visiting Chapter, Cardiff; Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, Dundee; Queens Film Theatre, Belfast; Showroom, Sheffield and Depot, Lewes.

Academics Dr Harriet Hawkins, Dr Rachael Squire
Lead Developer Lucy Wheeler
ScriptShehani Fernando, Michelle Collier, Eva Tausig
3D Design Anthony Attwood, Emeka Malbert
Developers Anthony Attwood, Hankun Yu, Maggie Shelton, Maf'j Alvarez, Federico Fasce
UX Consultant Allison Crank
Early Concept Design Rosie Emery
UI & Design Evelin Eilmess
Music & Sound Design Virginia Leo
Research Eva Tausig, Michelle O’Higgins Teilman
Testing Alysha Nelson
Special Thanks to Richard Hemming, Brian Marshall, Simon Barratt, Ollie Lindsey, Adam Child.