A VR Survival Game

A VR survival game where the weather is your enemy

You awake in an intense snowstorm. Looking for ways to escape the biting cold, your body gets colder and your hands freeze up as the storm intensifies.

A screenshot of a VR game showing the users hands in a forest battered by a snowstorm

In this immersive VR game, you are stranded in a blizzard with 10 minutes to secure shelter. In search of warmth and safety, you’re faced with intricate puzzles that challenge your problem-solving skills.

Al ghostly image of electricity pylons and a tree surrounded by fog in a snowstorm

Blending cinematic narrative and interactive gameplay, Storm is a visually captivating yet perilous journey. Drawing inspiration from the stark beauty of extreme environments, we crafted an experience where survival hinges on pushing the limits of your virtual self.

The opened boot of a car, showing a jerry can for petrol lying inside

During Storm's development, we wanted to explore how intuitive interactions with environmental objects could be integral game mechanics. We found simple acts such as opening a door or throwing a rock were not only fun in VR but served to deepen the narrative and enhance the player's immersion.

A US-style postbox standing nearby a small house, covered in snow, surrounded by a snowstorm

With each step forward, deeper questions emerge: Who are you? Where are you? How did you come to be here?